Vital statistics
Position Aid to Sister Jill
Age (Adult)
Status N/A
Played by Toru Tezuka
An unnamed Butler is the right hand to Sister Jill. Unlike his other counterparts, this version does not in any way have any sort of connection to the I-System Project.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The butler is always seen in a suit, has a hairstyle combed upwards with a curl in front and a long mustache. Butler is a loyal servant, serving Sister Jill's every wish but is also polite and sophisticated directing Honey and Natsuko on where they need to go in spite of being enemies. He is always seen looking after plants, and even kept the seed that was Sister Jill turned into, ready to have it grow into a plant.

History Edit

Butler has always been by Sister Jill's side, sending out invitations to Honey and Natsuko to the Jill Tower when Jill needed Honey's I-System. Upon arriving, he tells the young women about Dr. Utsugi's condition before directing them up the tower. After Jill was turned into a seed by a Honey Flash, the butler collected it before Jill Tower began to collapse. What happened to the butler afterwards is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Viewers and fans had noticed the tape that kept Butler's mustache on during the film.

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