Daniel Bey
Kc 298
Vital statistics
Position Information Broker
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Active

Daniel Bey is the president of an information trafficking company that has ties to even government officials. While not often seen, he has his employee Seiji Hayami follow the leads on Panther Claw.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Bey is a short old man with a bald top, bristle-like eyebrows and a mustache. He is always seen dressed in a business suit with a dark tie and white colored gloves. Bey takes his job rather seriously with an air of professionalism, when something goes wrong like when Honey used a fighter jet in restricted air space he reprimanded Seiji for letting it happen as it might compromise their position.

History Edit

Bey is first seen talking to Seiji over the phone about how events involving Cutie Honey and Panther Claw had transpired. He tells Seiji to inform Honey to keep out of airspace due to boundaries. He is later seen talking to the head of the Safety Bureau about how to handle the situation.

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