Demon Lord Dante is a manga series by Go Nagai inspired by the works of Dante Alighieri. It served as inspiration of some of Dynamic Productions more notable series including Devilman.

Summary Edit

The series focuses on a young man named Ryo Utsugi who encounters demons appearing throughout Japan. One night he is transported to the body of the demon leader Dante and is devoured by him. Waking up thinking it was a dream, Ryo encounters Dante's former friend Zennon who came to fight Ryo revealing that Ryo had actually fused with Dante. Overcoming Zennon, Ryo learns that he is actually the consciousness of Dante reincarnated and that the demons were the original human inhabitants of Earth while the current humans were the creations of an alien energy based life form called God who caused the forced evolution of both demons and humans after the original humans refused to give in to him. As a piece of God was in the humans of the present day, Ryo decided to fight against them aided by his lover from his past life Medusa.

Demon Lord Dante in Cutie Honey Edit

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