"Honey" Kisaragi
Vital statistics
Position Biological Daughter of Kōshirō Kisaragi
Age Adolescent
Status Deceased and disintegrated
Played by Akiko Takahashi

The unnamed daughter of Kōshirō Kisaragi was the template for Honey Kisaragi as well as the drive for her father's experiments with the Honey System. While her real name is never given, she had the nickname Honey which became the codename of the portable and biologically dependent Airborne Element Fixing Device and its users.

History Edit

The unnamed girl was born to Dr. Kisaragi and his wife. However because of his obsessive work life in the Honey System, Dr. Kisaragi's wife divorced him while leaving their newborn daughter in his care. As the girl grew older, she did not become very close with her father due to his work. Despite this, she strove for her father's attention even giving him a letter of encouragement in the form of a playing card. However, the girl was caught in the middle of the prototype Airborne Fixer and was consumed in the blast destroying her. Dr. Kisaragi, regretting what he did strove to bring his daughter back in the form of girls who shared his daughter's date of birth outfitted with the Honey System, which inevitably lead to his demise.

Notes Edit

Portrayal Edit

Dr. Kisaragi's Daughter is played by Akiko Takahashi.

Trivia Edit

  • In keeping with the card suit theme, Dr. Kisaragi's Daughter personal emblem was the club (also used by Sister Yuki Snow White) which was on the encouragement card she was going to give to her father.

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