Vital statistics
Position Patient (former)
Panther Claw test subject
Age (Young-Middle Aged)
Status N/A
Played by Dewi Kobayashi
Eguchi was a patient at Daitenji Hospital who was later used as part of the demonstration for the Darkness Auction.

Personality Edit

Eguchi was a mild mannered person with an infatuation for attractive girls like Honey and wanted to get her attention like his roommate Kurabayashi. After becoming a bio-weapon for Panther Claw, he became a cold and merciless killer.

History Edit

Eguchi at some point was admitted into Daitenji Hospital and was given various treatments, unaware that he was being made into a bio-weapon for Panther Claw. During his time there, Eguchi tried to get Honey's attention with Kurabayashi. He was later released and sent to Duke Watari's auction house. Facing Kurabayashi who had also been fully converted, Eguchi killed his roommate with his new gun arm. He was assumed to have been sold to his buyer afterwards.

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