Vital statistics
Position Homeless Association Member
Age (Older Aged)
Status Active
Played by Akito Shimaoka
Enjin is a member of the Homeless Association and is a regular customer of Toneruno.

Personality Edit

Enjin is a mild mannered man, not seeming to mind his status as homeless. He has a lot of faith in Toneruno's fortune telling, noting how accurate they are.

History Edit

Enjin was with Seiji at his Detective Agency with Toneruno and the Panther Claw spy when Toneruno was telling fortunes. They later discuss the events that come up before Enjin, drunk from the alcohol, insults the spy making him blow his cover. After the spy passes out from the pain in his hip, Enjin becomes concerned when Honey gets a bad fortune but lightens up when Honey tells him it will be fine.

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