Fire Claw
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Combatant
Age 20's-30's
Status Deceased
Fire Claw is one of Panther Claw's main combatants sent to kill Seiji Hayami for having witnessed Black Claw kill Dr. Kisaragi.


Fire Claw wore a skin tight brown Jumpsuit covered in fur, parts of the fur resembled a cheetah print. She seemed to have a hunched back, however this concealed a large tank. On her fingers were individual flame throwers, on her head were lopped dog like ears. She also had a short tail.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fire Claw was able to emit flames from her fingers and was also very agile and fast.


Cutey HoneyEdit

Fire Claw was sent to kill Seiji in the hospital with help from some Panthers. Seiji's father fought off some of the Panthers and tackled with Fire Claw until she threw him out the window and took Seiji to the roof. On the roof, Fire Claw encountered Cutey Honey and fought against her. Despite her acrobatic skills and flamethrowers, she was burned to death by her own weapon.