Vital statistics
Position Informant
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Active
Played by Kenichi Nagira
Gen-san is an original supporting character in Cutie Honey: The Live. He is a homeless man as well as the primary informant for Seiji Hayami.

Personality Edit

Gen-san is an easy going person who does not seem to mind his rather unfortunate place in society. His is very close with Seiji, calling him Sei-chan and regularly comes over to his detective agency with friends to share meals and exchange information. Gen-san is also fond of Honey, not minding that she is an android and accepts her in his circle of friends.

Abilities Edit

Gen-san serves as a source of information for Seiji about all the strange things happening in the area. He has a large network of connections of homeless people throughout Japan. He is also a highly capable cook able to make edible meals out of anything he can find. When standing against Panther Claw's tax operation he used armor styled after anime mecha made of plastic and cardboard and used a staff and crane in combat.

History Edit

Gen-san would regularly come over to the Hayami Detective Agency with friends to speak with Seiji and Honey about Panther Claw and related events. Because of this, he is usually away with some of his associates filling in for him.

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