Heita Todoroki
Vital statistics
Position Police Detective
Age 20s
Status Active
Heita Todoroki is a police detective often serving as an informant for Seiko Hayami's agency. He shares the name Todoroki with Wataru Todoroki from Cutey Honey 90s but they have no apparent relationship.

Appearance Edit

Todoroki has short black hair that is slightly messy and has black eyes. He has a slim build and is usually seen in police garb including the suit he is usually wearing and bulletproof vests.

Personality Edit

Todoroki is dedicated to his job but knows when to get help from outsiders including from private investigators. However, he acts rather perverted around attractive and bold women, usually Seiko.

History Edit

Todoroki often came to Seiko's PI firm to inform her about events that have transpired that leave the police stumped.

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