Hitomi Kisaragi
Honey 2016 2
Vital statistics
Position Vigilante
Age  ???
Status  ???

Hitomi "Honey" Kisaragi is an advanced A.I. android created by Dr. Kisaragi and the main heroine of the 2016 film Cutie Honey -Tears-.


Honey 2016

Cutie Honey's costume

Hitomi was created by Dr. Kisaragi upon learning of his daughter's fate as well as the truth behind the upper cities of the world. Using his daughter's neural data, Hitomi was created with a highly advanced AI system that also gave Hitomi human emotions. Sent down to the surface to fight for the oppressed and end the reign of Jill, Hitomi uses her abilities as the Warrior of Love Cutie Honey.


Much like her other incarnations, this version of Cutie Honey has shape shifting abilities through the use of her choker. This allows Hitomi to assume the form of Cutie Honey, armed with a rapier for close combat as well as disguise herself.

Weaknesses: As Hitomi was built to fully replicate a human, she feels the pain and injuries as a regular human would. Because of this, she has the standard weaknesses of a human including the need to power herself with calories and medical aid. While this was used against her in the battle against Jill, Honey used this to her advantage by fully accepting the flaws of being a human to have the unpredictability needed to overpower Jill.


  • Much like The Live incarnation, this Cutie Honey is a replacement of Dr. Kisaragi's original daughter and her A.I. is modeled on the real Honey's original memories and thought patterns.

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