Honey Boomerang in Flash.

The Honey Boomerang is an item that Honey Kisaragi's Cutey Honey form has on her left arm. She uses it to attack enemies from a distance, mostly to disarm them.


The appearance varies depending on the series. Most series has the Honey Boomerang colored siver with a pink heart. Cutey Honey Flash gives it a gold color with a fushia heart.


Honey Boomerang is a throwing weapon mainly used to distract enemies or disarm them. It is also able to snatch items from an enemy.

Notes Edit

Cutie Honey: The Live's iteration of Cutie Honey lacks a boomerang weapon, making her the only case so far, and a larger weapon dubbed the Boomerang Bleu is used by the co-star Sister Miki and later Honey's Rumble Honey form.

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