For the building in the live-action movie, see Jill Tower.

The Jill Tree is the main base of Sister Jill in Re: Cutie Honey. Disguised as a skyscraper, it is where Jill commands Panther Claw.


The Jill Tree resembles a skyscraper held in support by three beams. The interior feature dark rooms that feature chrome-like decorations. In its transformed state, it resembles a gigantic demon with a feminine body, pink fur, and large bat-like wings.


Most of Panther Claw's operations were commanded from this tower. When Cutie Honey came to confront Jill after many young women were abducted, she was restrained and fused with the Jill Tree allowing it to assume a gigantic demon-like form. After Natusko Aki reactivated Honey and they confronted Jill again, she sets off missiles to destroy the Jill Tree and everything else along with it. Honey manages to use her I-System to stop the missiles and cause the Jill Tree to disappear.

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