Vital statistics
Position N/A
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Active
Played by Koji Yamamoto
Kato is a semi-wealthy man who regularly calls on maids from a cafe to do service for him, hoping to find an ideal housemaid.

Personality Edit

Kato at first glance is a stern man who makes his maids do difficult tasks and is highly critical of when they disappoint them. The reason for this seems to be based on a close relationship he had with a housemaid, who apparently got to know him so well that she knew what to do for him like cook a home styled meal.

History Edit

Kato was a regular request maker for a maid cafe that sent some of their staff. When Honey came in for his request, she showed that she could do whatever he wanted. However when an ensemble of cuisine dissatisfied him, he told her to leave. Another maid named Erica got the same result on a later day, and being a killer cyborg was prepared to kill him for reprimanding her ability as a maid. Honey then came in with a home cooked meal as her real special dish, pleasing Kato. Honey then lead Erica out before she could do anything else.

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