Kogoro Iboji
Vital statistics
Position Police Detective
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Active
Kogoro Iboji also known as Hemorrhoids Kogoro is a police detective sent to protect a famous sumo wrestler's gold Buddha statue.

Production Background Edit

Kogoro originally came from Go Nagai's manga, Meiwaku Tantei Iboji Kogoro and appeared in some other works as miscellaneous cameo.

Personality Edit

Kogoro despite his hemorrhoid problem is eager to do his job. However, despite his good intentions he bumbles his words causing his client to physically retaliate at him. Kogoro is well respected among his peers for his above average skills and good personality.

Abilities Edit

Kogoro despite his hemorrhoids and bumbling personality takes his job as a detective seriously, taking nearly every end to stop a criminal from stealing a valuable statue. His only flaw is when he avoids any obvious and simple means of breaking into an area.

History Edit

When the pro-wrestler Paul Tamamoto golden Buddha statue is expected to be stolen, Kogoro and his peers take steps to prevent the act but ended up getting hit repeatedly by the client when Tamamoto's intelligence was questioned. Cutey Honey managed to sneak in with some sleep gas and present herself as the statue while Danbei hid the real one. This proved to be useful, as by the time Kogoro woke up, he was dumbfounded when Panther Claw got through the defences simply by walking through the front door. With his plan a failure, Kogoro let himself be beaten by Tamamoto's chop.

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