Kyoko Izumiya
Vital statistics
Position Cleaning Lady,

Former Spy

Age (Elderly)
Status Active
Played by Kazuko Sugiyama
Kyoko Izumiya is a cleaning lady working for the same company as Honey Kisaragi in Re: Cutie Honey. While she appears to be just a regular worker, she works behind the scenes to observe Honey and Panther Claw revealing her status as a famous spy from World War II.


Izumiya is a small old woman with wrinkled skin and gray hair tied in a bun. She usually wears a light colored shirt and pants.


Izumiya is friendly and mild mannered, she is the only one not to criticize Honey for being late or leaving early in her job. This is mainly because she knows Honey's secret identity as Cutie Honey, observing and assisting her from the shadows.


Izumiya during her time as a World War II spy had gained a notoriety that even the President of the United States is aware of. This gives her influence among major powers such as when telling the right time to fire missiles at the Jill Tree. She is also a good cook, with her rice balls being a favorite food of Honey.


Izumiya usually spent time at the office Honey worked for and gave her a rice ball before going out. Later when Panther Claw started to make a more drastic move, Izumiya's influence started to show where she provides Seiji Hayami information and tools necessary to help Honey during her crisis. She also called for the right time to have the US Navy fire their weapons at the Jill Tree.

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