Kyu-chan, the High School Student
Kanji キュッちゃん、高校生
Romaji name Kyu-chan, Kōkōsei
Volume 2
Chapter 5
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Kyu-chan, the High School Student is the fifth chapter of Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu.

Summary Edit

At night in a high school, a girl is gagged and assaulted by an obscure figure. In the daytime, Seiko is outraged that her favorite panties are missing and was even calling out Kyu-chan and Todoroki as thieves. Todoroki buts in about the rape of the high school girl in the school building. He also brings up how another student was raped a year prior, which caused the school to increase security. With the culprit of the recent rape likely one of the hundreds of students and the victim not recalling her rapist correctly, Todoroki suggests setting up a trap with a decoy. With Kyu-chan's height and complexion, he was selected. Kyu-chan tried to get out of it, even throwing a tray at Todoroki. Seiko however subdued him and forced Kyu-chan to comply. When Todoroki got the disguise ready, he accidentally revealed that he was the one who stole Seiko's panties after finding them in a corridor that Seiko left out to dry. Kyu-chan (Honey) uses her Airborne Element Fixing Device to retrofit the disguise with Seiko and Todoroki acting as extra guards.

At the school, Kyu-chan stays behind after lectures in the act to catch up with classmates. After getting everything situated, Kyu-chan leaves but is assaulted by the rapist. Luckily, Seiko and Todoroki appear and chase after the assaulter. When trying to find the rapist, a girl walks out of a restroom with neither Seiko or Todoroki finding the culprit. Kyu-chan suggests getting the girl's name. Todoroki reveals that the girl is Aya Nagase, the victim of the rape incident from last year.

At her house, Nagase curses that the guards interfered, revealing that she is the rapist. Frustrated at her position and humiliation, this gets the attention of Sister Jill in the form of a black cat. Jill injects her fluids into Nagase through her tail. Catching her breath, Nagase kills her mother as the effects take hold.

Seiko is left stumped with the lack of suspects, with Kyu-chan bringing up Nagase. Todoroki then gets a call about Nagase killing her mother and is on a rampage. Nagase, in a frenzied rage attacks bystanders with her knife. Kyu-chan changes into Hurricane Honey and confronts Nagase as she changes into a werewolf-like form. Honey is knocked off her motorcycle but acts quickly and creates a knife, slitting Nagase's throat and goes back into her human form.

The next morning, the papers say that Nagase was merely killed after being run over by a motorcycle with the witnesses and media refusing to acknowledge subjects like monsters. Seiko walks in with more women's clothes for Kyu-chan to try on with Kyu-chan trying to get out of it.