Vital statistics
Position Student
Former Yakuza Boss Lover
Age (Adolescent)
Status Active
Played by Ayumi Oka
Mao is a high schooler who was the former lover of a yakuza boss and was the first client of Seiji Hayami.

Personality Edit

Mao is an amoral person, sticking around with a yakuza boss for the benefits before deciding to join another group and get a private detective to help her get her into a higher position in that group.

History Edit

Mao asked Seiji to help her get a folder that she at first said was for school. Once at the Yakuza office, Mao reveals her ruse and how she plans to join a rival gang. When yakuza members show up from an alarm, Mao pulls a sub-machine gun on them while Seiji runs for it. What happens to her afterwards is unknown.

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