Masayuki Nemoto
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age (Adolescence)
Status Active
Played by Daigo Fujisawa

Masayuki Nemoto is a young man who was once in a relationship with Miki Saotome after her Honey System began to malfunction.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Nemoto is an attractive young man in his late teens with kept shoulder length hair. His is a mild mannered person who during his time with Miki showed genuine care and affection. After regaining his memories of Miki after a trauma he left accepting Miki's wishes to be apart.

History Edit

Nemoto had met Miki through Dr. Kisaragi after her Honey System began to fail. Their relationship was rather stable and continued until Miki's Honey System began to produce Foreign Matter. Nemoto saw Miki murder Dr. Kisaragi which appeared to have caused him to forget about her for years. Upon being located by Mayumi Karasugawa, she forced him to remember what happened. When Miki came to rescue him, she told Nemoto to run. He managed to escape and was never seen again.

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