Vital statistics
Position Former Professional Baseball Pitcher
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Yu Fujimoto
Matsuda is a former professional baseball pitcher whose career ended a pitch broke his shoulder. He was used as a test subject for the Daitenji Hospital's experiments.

Personality Edit

Matsuda is a mild mannered person not easily phased about being in the homeless community but his passion for baseball remained after he was forced into retirement. Willing to take a rumored treatment at Daitenji Hospital to regain use of his shoulder, it ultimately ended him.

History Edit

After a game pitch ended Matsuda's career, he ended being a part of the homeless community. When hearing about treatment at Daitenji Hospital, Matsuda joined and received the artificial enhancement while given a few extra to increase performance without his knowledge. Regaining use of his shoulder, he tried out for the pro exams. While at first he was doing well, the enhancement eventually rejected him causing his arm to rip off with the last pitch. Driven to a hospital with Honey in the back, his body gave out and Honey was driven out.

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