Nana Yamashita
Vital statistics
Position N/A
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Played by Ayano Yamamoto
Nana Yamashita is the younger sister of Jiro Yamashita, she was the one who suggested her prison go to prison after she murdered her fiance.

Personality Edit

Nana in public demonstrates a mild mannered facade that wants the best for those she cares about including trying to convince her brother to turn himself back into the police. However, her true personality is that of a vengeful and manipulative deceiver, having killed her fiance for having an affair and using her brother's protective feelings to her advantage to cover it up.

History Edit

Nana was once engaged to a wealthy young man but when he turned up having an affair, she killed him with a kitchen knife. When her brother Jiro Yamashita saw this, he promised to protect her by going to prison to cover Nana's crime. Years later he escaped after receiving a gun from Yuji Nakajo, Nana hires Seiji Hayami to help track Yamashita down and convince him to turn himself back in. However, upon finding him Yamashita only wants to protect Nana which she denies was part of his promise. When the police were closing in, the siblings drove off with Nana stabbing her brother to convince him to go back to prison less her crime is discovered. However, the police and they were attacked by Panther Claw combatants looking for Yamashita. Nana manages to escape when her brother gets an opening. Laughing that she got away with murder again, she is intercepted by more combatants who quickly kill and dismember her body before moving away.

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