Rinko Terada
Vital statistics
Position Office Manager
Age (Adult)
Status Active
Played by Kohinata Shie

Rinko Terada is the manager of the office Honey Kisaragi works at. Her appearance was used by Cobalt Claw to attack Honey and Natsuko in the elevator.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Rinko was a young woman of average height and frame with short dark hair and eyes. Based on Honey's reaction, she seemed to be strict on her and employees that don't follow procedures. She was however a total flirt known for flaunting her body.

History Edit

Rinko at some point hired Honey but fired and re-hired her a couple times. Later on Rinko is attacked by Cobalt Claw where she seemingly kills her. However during the credits of the film, she is found bound and gagged in large sack wearing only her lingerie.

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