Scissors Claw
Vital statistics
Position Combatant
Age (Adult)
Status Unknown
Scissors Claw is a warrior of Panther Claw. She was sent to retrieve Cutey Honey after she escaped confinement.


Scissors Claw resembles a woman in crab-like armor, having large pincer-like hands.


Scissors Claw is a loyal member of Panther Claw with homicidal interests, showing vicious attack patterns to capture Honey in order to bring her to Sister Jill.


Scissors Claw mainly uses the blades she has on her hands for battle, which are able to effortlessly cut through trees with no problem.


Scissors Claw first appeared alongside several other Panther's when summoned by Sister Jill to hunt down Honey. When Tomohawk Panather was captured by Honey, she came as aid and chased her out of the building.

Later after Honey made one of Panther Claw's trucks crash. Scissors Claw assaulted Honey in her civilian form and relentlessly chased after her. With Honey low on energy, she couldn't fight back and had to evade Scissors Claw until going to a park where she disguised herself as a bronze statue. Scissors Claw, having lost sight of Honey leaves when Tarantuala Panther and Badfly Claw call her back.

She is later seen assisting Iron Shadow in defeating Honey, but is sliced in half by Honey's sliver fleurette, killing her instantly.