Tarantula Panther
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Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Kaijin
Age (Adolescence)
Status Deceased
Tarantula Panther is a Panther Claw kaijin that served as the main villain of episode 5.


Tarantula Panther physically resembles her manga counterpart but has a few differences such as having light brown hair instead of black and her suit features yellow stripes in addition to the standard lined look.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Tarantula Panther is able to hypnotize others by shooting beams out of her eyes. Like her manga counterpart, Tarantula Panther can shoot webs; but rather than through her abdomen, she shoots the threads through her fingers. She is also able to using the webbing for a human disguise. Tarantula Panther can even change her hair into flames.


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